Monday, March 12, 2012

Help Us to Fix Your Loading Problem!

Hi farmers! Although most players have no problem accessing the game, some of you may be experiencing some loading problems. If you have loading problems, please first try the solutions below. If these do not help, please contact us, and answer a few questions that I will list below as well. If you do that, you are not only helping yourself. You will also be helping us help anyone who has the same problem!

1. How you can fix loading problems yourself
If you have loading problems, first try the following:

  • Clear cache and cookies of your computer. How to do this, is described on this page:
  • Change your browser. (Firefox and Chrome are supposed to work best.)
  • Check your internet connection.
  • Reset your router.
  • Make sure you have the most recent version of your browser and Flash Player.
  • Use a different computer if possible.
  • Close all uploads, downloads or programs other than the ones used to play the game.

2. Contact us
If the above all did not work, and you still can't load the game, please contact us. When you do, it is vital that you answer the following questions in your mail!

  • Have you tried all the solutions mentioned in this posting, especially cleaning your cache? If so, mention this in your mail!
  • Does the game load the top section (banner) of the game?
  • Do you see the percentage going up?
  • Do you see the percentage freeze at a certain point? If so, at which number?
  • Do you see the green flashing loading icon?
  • Do you see a totally blank screen?
  • Can you send us a screenshot? (This would be the best!)
How to contact us?
To contact us, go to the game screen, and scroll all the way down. Click the link to Report/Contact the Developer. (This loads even if the game does not!)
If you contact us this way, and answer these questions, you will enable us to help you better. Much appreciated!


  1. My game keep reloading some times I can see the banner but most of the time it reloads before it get to that what is going on its been 3 days

    1. Can you please follow the steps in this blog posting? Thanks.

  2. Well, I have loading problem 5 days now... I done all cash things, updating, everythin!! I have Google Chrome, playing on Plinga site, I've done every step you write here. I am stuck on loading page. It's loading and loading forever. I am refreshing page, bu tnothing. Interesting thing is that I;ve tried another account (my sister's) and it worked perfectly1 Only my account is broken!!
    I've contact plinga support but they convinicng me that everything is just fine, but I still can not access to my farm :(

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  4. I lost my ranch cash when I signed in today, how do I get it back.

  5. The game doesn' t allow me put trees into my crush is down.

  6. I play Family Farm on Facebook, my browser is Firefox, I have the most up to date version of flashplayer, I have cleared my cache. The problems I am experiencing are the following: when I click on Family Farm to play it, it begins loading, and I can see my farm, but not everything shows up, like buildings, machines, and animals, I try to click on the report loading issues link, nothing happens, I try to stop loading the page, nothing happens, I try to refresh the page, nothing happens, I try to click the home icon to take me back to the Facebook home page, nothing happens, nothing responds. Whatever the loading problems are, it is also affecting my ability to leave the game page or refresh it. The only thing I am able to do eventually is close the browser all together. Fix whatever the problem is please.

  7. My farm will not load since updating, it looks like it is going to load and then just knocks off