Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Busy Bees

They're always standing by: the Bees of Family Farm! There are various different kinds of bees. At the moment, the Store has 4 of them.

Ordinary Bees
The Ordinary Bee Hive is 2,000 coins. It is the only one that is for sail for coins. These Standard Bees pollinate Clover, and make 1 jar of Honey per 30 seconds.

Starline Bees
The Starline Beehive is 15 RC. It makes the same Honey as the Ordinary Beehive, only faster. This beehive gives you a jar of Honey every 20 seconds.

Provence Bees
These very special French Bees also come for a very special price: 25 RC (unless it is for Sale). The French bees love Lavender, which they pollinate to make a jar of very special Provence Honey every 20 seconds. You need this type of Honey to make Perfumes.

Super Beehive
These Bees can handle almost anything. They will do it with Daisies, Red Roses, White Roses, Blue Roses, Tulips and Lilies. Their price is special too: they are in the Store for 35 RC. Every 20 seconds, they produce 1 jar of standard Honey.

Other Bees
Apart from these 4 different bees that are for sale in the Store, you may come across yet other bees, like the Valentine Bees, the Valentine Provence Bees, or the Halloween Bees. These bees are not for sale. They once were awards in special missions in Family Farm.


  1. I have 4 normal beehives, a Provence beehive and a Halloween one. I like the Halloween beehive - the way the bees flap with their little batwings.

  2. Nectar is made by the Butterfly Home, not the bees.

  3. I want to buy one
    Province or super ?

  4. I stored my bees,I can't find them now.where are they