Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How Do I Build a Duck or Goose Pond?

This is how you can build a Duck Pond or Goose Pond.

First, buy water. You can find water plots in the Store, at Animals, in the Ponds tag. Ducks need at least 2x2 plots, Geese 3x3. Place the water plots so that they form an area of at least 2x2 or 3x3.

Next, buy a Duck Pond or Geese Pond. You'll find those in the Gear tag in the Store.

 And finally, place the Duck Pond or Geese Pond on top of the plots of water you have just placed on your farm. Hover the Pond over the water plots, and click to place.
The Duck Pond on Felicia's Ranch.
If you want, you can add one more Duck or Goose from the store now. Remember: you can't mix different types of Ducks or Goose.


  1. How do I move a pond? I tried to move it, but only moved the ducks on top, not pond beneath with it.

    1. Did you find a solution to this?

  2. if you have the warehouse storage you can store the duck only, the you can move the pond.

  3. My task is to place a duck pond then place a duck on it, ive built my pond, but it wont let me add duck, I tried re-arranging the pond but still no luck, it keeps saying place pond and ive already done!!

  4. I am getting ready to delete the game it tell me to add a duck pond and I have but it won't let me put the duck on it what going on either I put my duck on or I delete the game for good so please tell me what going on here