Thursday, February 2, 2012

How do I get Ranch Cash for free (Daily Login Bonus)

These icons represent RC.
Of course, you can buy RC (Ranch Cash) using your credit card, mobile phone or online bank account, but there are cheaper ways. In the game, you can earn free RC by:

  1.  Accomplishing missions and leveling up
  2.  Login to the game every day and build up a long chain of login days.
  3. Participating in an RC Mania activity (we give away 1 free RC once or twice a week).

Chain of Login Days and Daily Login Bonus
Every day you login to the game, you get a Login Bonus. If you login every day, the bonus will increase. If you login every day, you will get 1 or more RC every week.
  • If you login every day for 1 week, you get 1 RC after this week.
  • If you login every day for 2 weeks, you get 2 RC.
  • If you login every day for 3 weeks, you get 3 RC.
  • And so on, until you reach the maximum amount of 10 RC per week.
The longer your login chain, the richer you get!
I forgot to login today. Now what?
If you forget to login to the game for 1 day, you don’t need to start building up your chain of login days all over from the beginning. If you forget to login for 1 day, you will only lose 1 week (7 days) in your chain of daily logins. For every day that you don’t login, you lose 7 login days. (But you can never have less than 0 login days in your chain.)


  1. i want to buy RC using Debit card how.... but when i am trying to aces it ofer only credt can i use debit card..

    1. Go to play store and then search for family farm seaside then do you sea the pic of family farm under it lokk for email i think the email is and then send an email and write what you want

  2. stopped happening for me, Now I'm doing good to get 1 when I level up. Login every day, have for quite a while now.

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  4. I have logged in religiously everyday for over two months now and still have not gotten free RC from the game.

  5. I've logged in daily & never received this. I only receive rc by leveling up. help!