Sunday, April 1, 2012

Help & Hints on the Easter Tree Missions

Hello folks! As you no doubt have seen, we have opened the second batch of Easter Missions! We tried to add a new dimension to this mission, to please those of you who want something more than the usual harvesting, building and producing. Here are some tips and some explanation about the Easter Tree Missions.
A timer indicates how much time is left.
First of all: you can play these missions without spending a single RC - now waddaya say to that? ;-P

1. Find 10 Blue Easter Eggs
For this mission, you have to find 10 Easter Eggs. They're hidden in the Easter Lilies you have to plant for this mission. Every time you harvest an Easter Lily, there is a chance to find one Blue Easter Egg. So sometimes you may find one, but certainly not always. When you have collected 10 Blue Easter Eggs this way, the mission is accomplished.

Each time you find an egg, an small panel comes up from the bottom of the screen. This panel tells you how many eggs you have already found.

Easter Lilies cost 60 coins, sell for 73, and need 10 hours to grow (unless you use a fertilizer). You can't use them in a machine.

2. Find 1 Brown Easter Egg
In this mission, you will see 3 baskets. Only 1 of them has the Brown Easter Egg. You get 1 key. Guess which basket has the egg, and open it. After you open the basket, the key is gone. If you chose the wrong basket, you have to wait a number of hours before you get a new key. The new key is free if you wait for it, but if you hate waiting too much, you can also buy a new key for 6 RC. The choice is yours.
The three Easter Baskets - only 1 of them holds the Brown Easter Egg.

3. Ask 10 Purple Easter Eggs from neighbors
This is old style: just hit the Ask button, and have your neighbors send you a Purple Easter Egg as a free gift.

4. Find 12 Golden Easter Eggs
For this, you need to visit your neighbors. It is on their farms that the Easter Bunny hid 12 Golden Easter Eggs. Go to their farms and fertilize. Just like in the Blue Egg mission, there is a chance you'll find an egg each fertilize; you will not find one every single time you fertilize. When you've collected 12 Golden Easter Eggs this way, the mission is accomplished.

Each time you find an egg, an small panel comes up from the bottom of the screen. This panel tells you how many eggs you have already found.

200 OP are part of the reward.

5. Find 3 Orange Easter Eggs
In this mission, you will see 12 Treasure Chests. 3 of them contain an Orange Easter Egg. This works the same as the Blue Easter Egg mission. You get 1 key, that you can use 1 time, to open 1 Treasure Chest. Take a lucky guess! After you use this key, you have to wait 12 hours before you get a new one for free. If you want to go faster, you can buy a key for RC.

Keep in mind that to find the 3 eggs, and don't want to spend RC, you need at least 36 hours to accomplish this mission. If you play once a day, and have bad luck guessing the right basket, this mission will take you 12 days to complete.

In the reward is a unique decoration.

6. Find 20 Green Easter Eggs
This time, the eggs are hidden among the rabbits. Any rabbits. You have a chance to find a Green Easter Egg when you harvest the rabbits Angora Hair. You need to find 20 Green Easter Eggs by collecting Angora Hair from rabbits on your farm.

Hint: Put some extra rabbits on your farm (they eat carrots)! That way you can collect Anghorahair faster. If you don't, this mission may take quite a while to finish.

The 2 Easter Rabbits (but you can also use normal rabbits).

The final reward for the Easter Tree Missions, is an Easter Scene for your farm. You can collect it in the Store, in the Decorations tag.

Have fun!!


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  2. I finished these missions last night, and I just love the Easter scene! It's so pretty and bright, makes me wanna redecorate my farm again just so I can see the pretty flowers and all better =)